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Vickel Narayan

Good one Wei ........ great post ..... your concerns are totally valid and we kept that in mind while designing and before asking the students to do this. This is no different to what you would have done on your paper portfolio ... we are taking this opportunity to take it a step further ....Gibbs Model is a guide and is there to help you and all the other students ..... One thing we haven't really discussed and maybe you should discuss this with Chris is How often does he want you to blog ..... you all (students) should discuss this with Chris and identify what processes need to be blogged ... you don't have to blog everyday .... you can just do the bear minimum (however I think the more you blog the better for you) ... I'll meet Chris sometime this week to discuss this ..... keep up the good work .... love reading your blog ... :-)


How is it Vickel?I agree with the above statement. How much to Blog and when to Blog.I'm thinking that if we as a group discuss this, and as the group progresses then the How much and When will become clearer.At times the Blog will be used to feed back and check up on and at other times the Blog will be used for a different reason... what this might look like I'm sure on yet.The reflective model post to all will help.Cheers

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