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Vaughn Tucker

I have no idea but I do know how to draw it on the floor, I probably need both these days however in the event of a power outage i win with a pencil.


How is it ? In these designing programmes you as a designer model the surface. The surface has the control points atteched to itself. So the Waterlines and Buttocks and Sections are produced off this.You do not use these to control the surface. i also struggled at first with this concept, and it was only when I realised that I was in controll of the surface only, that it made sense.You are doing work way in advance of what is required, but if this helps you in your understanding of the topic then keep going.

Wei Shi

Hi, Chris, thanks for explanation. So the design process is design the surface first, and then produce buttocks and sections. In Maxsurf, you can not reverse this process (as what I was trying to do, to recreate the surface by existing data).  If you can only control the surface with control points, it is almost impossible to recreate the dinghy, because you can only manually move those control points to a similar position but not the exact position. Is that right?

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